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         Thailand has the unique taste and varity of† snacks. That all made from fresh and quantities ingredient.
Product Snack
Seasoned Rice Cracker, Shrimp Cracker & Eggroll Rice Crackers, Deep fried rice crispy made from rice or gluten flour.
Fruit Candy & Toffee Sticky and chewy candy. Durian, coconut and peanuts mixed with brown sugar in high temperature. Set it cool, cut into bite size and wrap in colorful paper.
Biscuit, Cookies, & Wafer There are various kinds of these in different shapes, taste, and smell. The ingredients of cookies are composed of wheat flour, butter, eggs, milk and other ingredients e.g. dried fruits and seeds.
Seaweed Snack Seaweed popular tasty food, can be served as a afternoon snack or part of meal especially in Japanese Cuisine.
Preserved & Pickled Fruits Most popular and all time favoritesí for many people such as mango and star gooseberry.
Shredded Pork & Pork Products Interesting snack with unique fluffy texture, can be serve as a meal or snack with bakery product.
Dehydrate Fruits Seasoning dried fruits are made from ripen fruits baked in a proper moist with different flavor added including sour, salty, sweet and hot.
Crispy Fish & Fish Snack Deep fried small fish tossed in a little sugar and seasoning. These crispy little fish make a tasty snack and interesting party food.
Gummy Jelly a soft, coloured sweet food made from sugar, gelatine and fruit flavours, that shakes slightly when it is moved.
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