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         Thai cuisine often requires a variety of ingredients that are difficult to buy in most grocery stores. Taste of Thai offers these quality ingredients at a competitive price, allowing you to find what you need quickly and easily.
Product Ingredients
Fish Sauce Fish is the liquid product and salty test, used to flavor Thai-Food. Fish sauce is made from anchovies and-or kind of small fish, water, and salt by ferment. Fish Sauce is well known in Asian country mostly Thailand.
Coconut Sugar/Palm Sugarfrom the palm and-or coconut, it the form of brown clump.
Oyster Sauce made from oyster mixed with soy source. Mostly used to ingredient in Thai and Chinese food.
Pickled Gouramy Fish Paste is the basic traditional pickle, very popular all over Thailand mostly in north-east and central
of Thailand. Also exported to USA and European countries.
Instant Curry Paste & Tomyum Paste is one of the most important ingredients in Thai food, such as Curry, and Thai Traditional Soup (Tomyum)
Rice Stick / Rice Noodle is a sticky like pasta but it has white, made from wheaten and used to ingredient in soup.
Chili Paste & Chili Paste in Oil known as "Nam prik pao", is very rich in aroma of Thai spices. It may be eaten cold by using it as a sandwich spread or by mixing it with steaming hot rice.
Glass Noodle/Bean made from bean mixed with wheaten and water and dry out. Mostly used to ingredient of the soup and thai salad.
Soy Bean Sauce is a good source of protein because it contains a significant amount of essential amino acids. Soybeans are the primary ingredient in many processed foods, including dairy product substitutes.
Sweeten Chili Sauce for Chicken Sweet and tangy. This sauce is used to dip fried chicken. It can also be used for a dipping sauce for fried spring rolls, or any fried ’street food’. Store opened bottles in the fridge.
Chili Sauce flavors the real chili congenial with thai food. It can also be used for a dipping sauce for fried spring rolls, and steak.
Lime Juice used to ingredients in Thai Salad, Thai paste, and also can be drink when mix with salt and sugar.
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