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         Thailand has exported fresh fruits and vegetable for many years and both the quantities and varieties are increasing steadily.
Product Fruit & vegetable
Banana Leaf The leaves of the Banana tree are used in Thai cuisine to wrap foods before steaming.
Bird Chili is used in many Thai dishes and is often eaten raw, too. Phet! (Hot)
Pandanus Leaf Pandan leaves are used for wrapping up food prior to steaming or frying, as well as giving many Thai desserts their flavor.
Parkia Pods bean is similar in appearance to a lima bean and is used in stir-fries and curries and is also eaten raw with dipping sauce.
Holy Basil Leaf Peppery is perhaps the best way to describe this type of basil, which is used in stir-fries. Holy Basil is typically not eaten raw and can be frozen or dried for later use.
Kafir Lime are used whole in soups
and curries and cut-up for salads. They can
be preserved in the freezer.
Lemongrass Lemongrass is a grass
which has a citrus smell to it. It is used in
soups such as Tom Yum, Thai curries and is sliced for use in salads (yum).
Green Papaya is shredded to make the famous spicy Thai salad called Som Tum! Green unripe papaya is vailable in most Asian markets.
White Eggplant is used in curries and is eaten with Nam Prik. It's very bitter!
The Green Mango usually feed on the nectar found in Heliconia flowers. Their feather coloration is green with a blue and black tail, there are no distinctive traits between sexes.
Lime is usually smaller than lemons, 36 cm in diameter and a good source of vitamin C. Limes are grown all year round and are usually sweeter than lemons.
Galingale is used in soups such as
Tom Yum and Tom Kha Gai, curry pastes
and is sliced up for use in salads.
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